People are at the Core of a Business

In order to grow your business you must first hire the right people.  Some might argue because we are in an advancing technological world the most critical business driver is adopting technology.  We argue that at the very core of any business, people are still the drivers of a company’s mission and should remain the top priority of any business. Employee loyalty, engagement and dedication can make or break a company.  Ask any award-winning top employer.  They’ll credit much of their success to the spirit and dedication of their people.  So, how well do you know the “people” side of your business?  Focusing on the people that make up your company requires knowing what kind of employee you want to hire and then making sure you hire them.  Today’s world requires “different” and “unique” personalities who aren’t afraid to take risks, maneuver through change and take charge.  By hiring right, you will ensure your culture is infused with fresh ideas, unique personalities and outrageous thinking.  It will benefit your business both in the short and long term.

Look for “Unique” Applicants

So what are you looking for in your applicants?  Everyone needs hard workers, problem solvers and adaptable people who love to learn.  The list goes on and one.  But in order to hire the right fit for you, consider the uniqueness of each person coming aboard.  Today’s world requires fast-moving, quick-thinking and adaptable individuals who motivate those around them. Motivation is not something that can be taught, rather it is an intrinsic part of a person.  Motivation must be tapped into, not forced.  Finding that unique someone with internal motivation and the qualifications that fit the present and intended future job requirements is the first step in building your company.

Bring together a team of unique people that compliment each other’s skills and goals.

Once you know what you want, start narrowing down the applicant pool. There will be a plethora of applicants that have similar types of motivation and necessary qualifications. Look for someone that will bring uniqueness to your company.  The best companies don’t hire copies.  They look for a team to be different, yet works together. By hiring “unique”, you will create a progressive environment that allows peers to learn from one another, while pushing each other outside their comfort zones…ultimately raising the bar in performance.

People who can communicate different ideas help facilitate a flow of knowledge and encourage others to think outside the box. The secret is to support these innovative and unique personalities.  Help others see the value of the outrageous and innovative ideas they will bring up.  Their unique perspective will most likely be the quickest way to grow your business.

The business of business is “unique” people.


Define what “unique” people look like for you and hire to it. Then support your unique new hires as they bring up new ideas and processes sure to challenge those set in their ways.  Outrageous thinking is in…complacency is out. Encourage uniqueness in all your employees and you will be positioning yourself to not only succeed, but create a culture where employees flock to work for you because you are unique and different. Ask Apple, ask, Google, ask Uber…they get it.

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