3 Outrageous Tips to Better Performance

The office environment can become monotonous, often leading to complacency among employees. This kind of corporate indifference affects job performance, inhibits creativity, and overall company efficiency. Corporate leadership consultant Lorraine Grubbs uses unconventional tactics to help leaders reverse their teams by waking up and shaking up the office environment. Read about her tips on how to shake up the workspace.

“It’s all about breaking outside the norm,” says Lorraine. Shaking up the office space is a good way to get your team members to think outside the box and try something new. By stepping outside of your own comfort zone and encouraging your team to approach a task in an unconventional way, you will experience a higher level of performance and success.

3 Tips you can use today!

1. Surprise Them.

Shaking up the office space comes with a negative connotation, however it can be done positively to show appreciation to your team as well. A positive “shake up” is rewarding your employees for a job well done. This will ignite their desire to keep going above and beyond.

Tip on how to shake up the office with fun

Surprise your team with a fun way to escape the office environment.

Have all of the hard-working employees come to an all day meeting. Begin by handing them a packed agenda full of financial and policy topics that require a lot of “boring” discussion. After everyone finally settles, ask your employees to stand up and rip the agenda in half. Follow up this outrageous request with something else outside the corporate norm, like taking the day to do fun team building activities such as kayaking, or sending them on a scavenger hunt, or even give them the rest of the day off. This revolutionary and unexpected surprise tactic will show them your way of saying thank you for all of their hard work and it will be something they never forget.

Tip ROI: Your employees will come back refreshed and rejuvenated for the next day with a positive attitude to continue delivering excellent results.

2. “The boss didn’t show up, what do we do?”

Every company has in-house leaders that may not have had the opportunity to show their leadership capabilities just yet. This outrageous tactic is designed to test which of your team members will step up, take control and emerge as leaders

Schedule a meeting with your team members for a certain time, then show up 15 minutes late. The team will wonder where you are and most likely hold up the meeting or try to find you. Being purposely absent gives meeting attendees the opportunity to step up into a leadership role amongst peers. Attendees that come forward to proceed with the meeting will prove value as a leader able to step up when needed.

Tip ROI: The return on this tip to shake up the work place is that you will be able to identify your future company leaders and begin to utilize their newly discovered strengths to increase company efficiency.

3. You Are Only as Strong as Your Weakest Link.

This tactic brings the concept behind reality tv to the workplace. It requires putting a microscope on each member to determine his or her value to the group. Sometimes it takes making people uncomfortable to raise the bar for team performance.

Tips on improving project parternships

Learn how to be a strong partner in a project rather than the weakest link.

Begin by scheduling a meeting with your team to discuss tough issues such as budget cuts, layoffs, or internal changes. Using the premise of the hit reality show “Survivor,” ask each team member the question, “If you had to vote someone off the island from this group, who would it be?” After giving each of them time to think, have them submit the name of the team member to you along with the reason they chose that particular person. This exercise may be a difficult one because it requires internal honesty and reflection on each member’s level of contribution to determine his or her value to the rest of the group.

Once all the names are submitted, ask each member to address the person they chose to vote off the island. Many will look uncomfortable or be reluctant to complete this second part of the session, but itwill create better teamwork, understanding and unity amongst your group.

Tip ROI: The return on this tip is analyzing each member’s value to the team and addressing concerns about someone’s contribution to the group.

“Beyond the Executive Comfort Zone,” Lorraine’s recently published book, is chock full of more outrageous techniques designed to produce better teamwork.

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