The Mick Clinger Experience

Each executive and their teams faced the hardest year in 2008. The General Insulation Company was not exempt and this caused Frank Granara, CEO, to remodel GIC’s leadership structure. 2008 laid the foundation for an innovative leadership process despite the crushing economic recession. The purpose of this training was to revamp the company’s leaders and provide them with the necessary resources and skills as they transitioned into new roles within GIC. Bringing together GIC executives from all over the nation made the training inclusive to all backgrounds while also pushing them all past their comfort zones.

Mick Clinger was a part of the first group of General Insulation executives to enter into this revolutionary training with Lorraine Grubbs. It was a two and a half year process that changed his professional career and personal relationships with his peers and boss. Clinger, based out of Orlando, Florida changed executive roles during this time and came out with a strong belief in strategic and forward thinking.

What is the biggest lesson you learned from the leadership training?

“To think differently, to think strategically, to always have a plan, to always have a backup plan, and to know that for every “action” there will be a “reaction.” Also know when to ask for help, when to make decisions and to be accountable.”

Executive Strategic Thinking

Thinking strategically allows for you to see a situation from a new perspective

What leadership skill do you use often since you completed the training?

“Well, the sales managers that report to me will tell you it’s about having a plan and also a backup plan and a back up plan to the back up plan. I learned at NASA that things change fast in our industrial world so we have to plan. This is all part of thinking differently.”

If you could have any managerial employee complete a part of the training what segment would it be?

“I would recommend Gettysburg. Study the Civil War and read the books we read to prepare. Go to the battlefields, study troop movements, the strategies used, the thought processes, and make decisions. Always remember that “For Every Action There Will Be A Reaction”

What is the most valuable piece of advice that you can offer a company leader or someone looking to enter a managerial role?

We are a growing company so those who want the challenge can certainly chart a career path and also remember that within the next 12 to 15 years there will be a lot of the Senior Leadership Teams looking at retirement and it’s time for the next generation. It’s all about timing it right.”

Clinger’s biggest professional insight from the training is that he is the “Right Man In The Right Job,” thanks to Granara and Grubbs.

This type of training instilled the importance of individual confidence and the necessity of team support and strategic forward thinking that has moved GIC to the forefront in its respective industry. There is a return on investing in the your current employment structure and company leaders.

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